Dat Krönsche

Das KrönchenSiegen wird auch "Die Krönchen-Stadt" genannt. Das Krönchen ist eine aus Metall geschmiedete Lilienkrone mit Windrose und Windpfeil. Sie wurde vom Fürst Johann Moritz zu Nassau Siegen an die Stadt und ihre Bürger geschenkt. Das Krönchen befindet sich auf der Nikolaikirche.


Siegen is also called "The crown-city". The crown is forged from metal lily crown with wind rose and wind arrow. It was donated by Prince Johann Moritz of Nassau Siegen to the city and its citizens. The crown is located at the Nikolai Church.

The crown of the city of Siegen on the spire of St. Nicholas Church, here the replica of 1993

The crown is the symbol of the Westphalian city of Siegen. The several-meter-high sculpture is an ironwork of gilded iron. It provides an oversized coronet with wind arrow and compass rose. Since 1658, the year of its foundation, the original of Krönchens stood on the top of the spire of the protestant Nikolai Church in Siegen. In 1993 it was replaced for reasons of conservation through a replica of also gold plated stainless steel.

The crown is a gift from Prince John Maurice of Nassau-Siegen to the city of Siegen and its citizens. The reason for the gift was the collection of Johann Moritz in the prince state in 1652. The prince left the plastic at its own expense in the hammer before Hardt in Weidenau of the three forging Gerlach Burch man, Jacob Schleifenbaum and John Pickardt anfertigen.Im summer 1829 brought the Slater Prince of victories with his three companions Steffe, Romans and bird a new arrow on the crown of. 1889 the so-called basket that wears the crown was enlarged, and the Siegener company Friedrich Hinderthür installed a lightning protection system. Both in this work and in further gilding work in May 1955 with 24-karat gold contemporary historical documents were deposited in a capsule.

Since the crown had suffered from the effects of weather, it should be cleaned and re-gilded in 1992. It was found that the Crown had to be replaced in order to protect them from further damage. The Art Siegen Locksmith coffin made of a replica in gold-plated stainless steel. Before the original could be removed from the tower, throwing an autumn storm in November of the year to parts of the buildings constructed on the work on the crown on the tower scaffolding. Here, the seven meter high mast Krönchens was bent, and the copper ball, which served as the plastic feet, was destroyed. The replica made of stainless steel was placed in March 1993 on the tower. The original 17th-century since then hangs in the portal area in the tower of the church. There also parts of the copper ball 1992 destroyed and part of the mast of the bent Krönchens are exhibited.

Up close, the crown is a multiple-ton, full-blown open crown of type lilies, lily-shaped crown with eight prongs. The 1.90 meter high, made of wrought iron Siegerländer crown has a diameter of 135 cm in average crown height, while he attaches to the prongs 235 cm. The supporting them ball is made of sheet copper. About the Crown a rod iron weather Arrow of 3.5 meters in length is mounted movable by the wind and it rotates around a 19 agate balls containing ball bearing. The tip of this weather arrow bears the following two embossed inscriptions in Latin: